So why should you sign up for a run or triathlon?  

Is it for the t-shirt?  You can buy a shirt at anytime?  

Is it for the medal?  These days, kids have several opportunities for trophies and medals.  

Then why should a kid participate?  Here are two reasons:

  • Accomplishment - everyone enjoys seeing positive results.  Whether it is a certain distance for the first time or finishing faster than last year.  Kids (and adults) can always feel positive about finishing a race.  It is rare to see anyone come across a finish line without a smile.  So, want to give your child an opportunity to smile?  Sign him up for a race.
  • Community - running with other kids is a lot more fun than running by yourself or with a parent.  To see several hundred kids take off with the same goal in mind, to finish, is a great sight.  It is always a positive environment at the finish line, with everyone being applauded by spectators and runners.  The child that takes 1st receives the same medal as the child that takes last, which makes everyone on the same playing field. 

So why run or participate?  Do it for the accomplishment and to be a part of a fun community event.  Some times, it can be the small things that motivates a child or parent to become more active in their lives.  I cannot tell you how many kids and parents I have witnessed in my 5 years as a race director that have changed their lives become of the confidence that they received from participating in an endurance event. Whether it is William, Sebron, Gracie, Maria, Sam, Colin, etc., in some cases, participating is the first step to lifelong physical acxtivity.

Now go run!!!

Register for the Try Boro Kids 2.5/5K Run (May 3rd)